The One-dot Center Occasional Papers Series in International Governance, Regimes, and Globalization

 The One-dot Center for the Study of International Governance, Regimes, and Globalization

Graduate School of International Affairs

Ming Chuan University


 Taoyuan County Taiwan Province, Republic of China

Editor-in-Chief:Peter Kien-hong YU

Assistant Editors: Hung-yi JAN and CHIANG Chun-chi

International Editorial Advisory Board

WANG Gungwu, Honorary Director, The One-dot Center and editor of China: An International Journal ( Singapore )

James C. Hsiung, Senior Director, The One-dot Center and editor of Asian Affairs ( U.S.A. )

Richard W. Wilson, editor of East Asia: An International Quarterly ( U.S.A. )

Leszek Buszynski, Academic Editor of Routledge ( U.K. )

Yale H. Ferguson Co-Director, Division of Global Affairs, Rutgers —the State University of New Jersey ( U.S.A. ) and member on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Global Governance ( < st1:place>U.S.A. )

Ted L McDorman, editor of Ocean Development & International Law ( Canada )

Frank Farhang Sefidvash, Coordinator, Research Centre for Global Governance ( Brazil )

Rosaleen Smyth, co-editor of Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal ( Australia )


 l contributions in either Chinese or English should be emailed to or author should include a 100-word abstract and five keywords in English.For contribution in Chinese, a 1 50-character abstract and five keywords should also be included.

The individual author is solely responsible for statements of facts and expressions of opinion contained in the published work.